Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hey I made a hat!

Pattern: Cabled Beanie from Stitch Cafe.
Yarn: Misti Alpaca's 100% Baby Alpaca - Chunky - color 1321
Needles: addi TURBO circulars size US 10

This is the first hat I've ever made and also my first attempt at cabling, which wasn't as hard as it looked. OK OK...I admit I ripped it out once or twice...OK I ripped it out six times before I put it away for a month. Then I ripped it out two more times but once I got the hang of it, cabling was fun. I wish this blog had Feelovision...because this hat is so soft I just want to keep touching it. Oh! and I made it in ONE day. That's speed knitting for me.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Google Ad Nonsense

I added Google Adsense to my blog about a week ago, maybe more. Why hasn't it kicked in yet? Andrea added it to hers and it's working just fine. Has this happened to anyone else?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My new favorite place to spend at least an hour dreaming and planning:

Knot Another Hat

Friday, May 18, 2007

In the queue


Saturday, May 12, 2007

The joy of a new project

It's always more fun to start a new project rather than work on one of my WIPs. Why is that? So rather than continue working on the baby blanket (it's not due till June!) I started a Yard Girls-inspired poncho for my nearly 4-year-old niece.

It's just stockinette so it's great for knitting in front of the television - no pattern!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Uh...what are you doing?

Picture this: I'm sitting on the couch happily knitting the baby blanket. My 3 1/2 year old niece is sitting on the other end of the couch watching (Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?) Spongebob Squarepants. I turn my head to see what she is doing and see my ball of yarn sitting there between us, patiently waiting to be made a part of this beautiful blanket, and next to it I see this: niece holding this tangled web of yarn. "Uh...what are you doing?" I ask calmly. "I'm knitting" she replies simply. Oh.

Meanwhile... The Sublime scarf is finished! "Mary has a finished object?" the crowd asks. Why yes, yes I do!

Megan taught me to bind off, Alyssa showed me how to make the fringe, and presto! It's a beautiful, luxurious, heavely scarf. LOVE it.

It's official: I'm the slowest knitter in Knitdom

The luxurious Sublime scarf is nearly finished:

And the Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino Feather and Fan baby blanket is coming along well:

About half way up the blanket you can see I start making fewer mistakes...but that's what learning is about, right? It's my first pattern and I love the old-fashioned look of it. At first I was hesitant to do something so traditional but I think it fits here. Plus, they don't know the sex of the baby yet. So that's old fashioned too!


I'm looking for a potholder pattern I saw in a book or magazine. Which book? Which magazine, you ask? I don't know! I can't remember! And it's driving me crazy. I wanted to knit them up for Father's Day because they were man-appropriate potholders, know what I mean? Sigh.

Know of any cool knitted potholder patterns?

I'm thinking I found my first sweater to knit

I'm in love with this sweater from Kim Hargreaves, former Rowan designer:

And it comes in a kit! Plus, the dog is so cute. I want to live in this picture. I want to be as thin as the model in this picture. ;o)
OK I got the on the needles, finally:

and feel much more confident in fixing my mistakes, but only in Seed stitch.

You may have noticed I changed the theme of my blog. I just couldn't get my pics to look right on the other one. Now I feel like I can s t r e t c h o u t.

A few days ago I got so tired of doing Seed stitch that I decided to start my next project early:

Yarn: Debbie Bliss 'baby cashmerino'.

It's a baby blanket for my cousin who is expecting her first baby in July. So exciting! It's in the 'Feather and Fan Pattern' and is the first time I'm following a pattern (sorry to be repetitive's a blog). I've made mistakes but I'm trying not to sweat it. Mistakes make it handmade, yes?

It's amazing how my confidence in my knitting has grown this week. Things I've learned are starting to gel and I'm able to fix some of my own mistakes, which just makes me feel so great. Knitters are the nicest people in the world, I'm convinced of it. Thank you to all who have welcomed me to your blogs and who have commented on mine.
So I was zipping along on my fabulous Sublime scarf when it finally came time to start a new ball of yarn. Simple, yes? NO! I'm new to this, you see...and suddenly I found I didn't have any coordination in my hands. Is there a trick to starting a new ball of the same color in Seed stitch? I knitted about three rows and found I could tell where the new yarn had been added so I tried to unstitch the way Megan at Stitch Cafe had shown me..."...hold the yarn tight in the back and put the right needle tip through the square window just beneath the stitch you want to take out..." (that's not a direct quote, of course, but I think quoting a knitting expert adds a certain something special). I tried doing as she had instructed but sometimes the little window below the offending stitch wasn't always so obvious so I (you did not!) took the scarf off the needles and (gasp) ripped out the three rows myself. Great idea, I thought.

Until I realized my stitches were disappearing each time I put the previous stitch back on the needle. So I'm not kidding: I'm not knitting. What good is it to have a new addiction if you can't even practice it? Sniff.

Hello Knitters

Welcome to Knitty Me's first post! I really owe my love of knitting to my friend Andrea who encouraged me to learn after I admired a shawl/poncho she was working on...and then wore a couple days later. This knitting thing is a miracle, I thought.

Andrea recommended Stitch Cafe in Studio City as a place to get some pretty yarn. First I walked into the the tailor shop next door and said to the nice man from the old country, "Hi...I'm looking for...yarn?" (he silently pointed to the yarn in the next shop). After finding the correct door (you know...the one with the Stitch Cafe sign next to it...), I was greeted by Stitch Cafe co-owner Lisi who must have recogized the lost look on my face and said, "Hi! Want to learn how to knit?!", I picked out two colors of a super-soft baby Alpaca yarn. And so began my love of knitting. Here's my first project, a scarf:

I have since lost the two darning needles required for making those hanging pieces of yarn disappear...must remember to buy more.

And here is what I am currently working on:

It is a less expensive and smaller version of Sublime's 'wrap':