Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A cloud in my hand

I cast on the Mason Dixon Moderne Log Cabin blanket and have to say I LOVE it. It seemed like it would take forever at first but it's going faster than I anticipated.

Then I cast on the 'Lily of the Valley' shawl from the Wrap Style book:

It looks like a mess on the needle now but feels like a cloud in my hand. I'm not sure how it will turn out but I'm having fun learning something new and looking forward to seeing what it turns into.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

I finished the Feather and Fan baby blanket! Will post a picture after it's blocked (which will be another first for me).

Both sides of the poncho are I just have to figure out how to do that stitch that makes the seams disappear...can't remember what it's called...and then attach the colorful fringe. Can't wait to see my 4-year-old niece twirl in it!


Sandy said...

Wow, you're making great progress on that blanket! And you'll have to show me the shawl pattern next time we meet.

Sandy (who finally remembered her password)

Mary said...

Sandy! I think I've done the same thing with my Google AdNonsense...they're asking for some sort of password to fix the problem and I've no idea what that password may be...

Glad to see you back on the blogosphere. :o)

Andrea said...

The pix of your work are so beautiful! I am jealous (both of how beautiful your work is and your facility with the digital camera!). I can relate to the "cloud in my hand" feeling, especially now that Yvonne fixed my freakin' wrap sweater.